featured in the inaugural exhibition

1st - 6th May 2018

at DuckRabbit Gallery - 138 Little Eveleigh Street, Redfern


Nikolaus DOlman

Nikolaus is a multidisciplinary artist who deconstructs compositions from found mediums in order to explore the immediacy and disposability of Western consumer culture. 
Through found and recontextualised materials Dolman investigates our current relationship with domestic mass production.  By drawing on the conventions of advertising the materials used are manipulated into surface and texture driven sculptures and paintings using collage and printmaking techniques. 

Dolman's practice explores subjects of public space, representation, excess and necessity, product and production.  Throughout Dolman's recent work he plays with issues concerning the ethical and guilty pleasures associated with consumer culture. His aim is to draw attention to current systems of our social identity.

A. O'Ryan.png


Andrea is a practicing graphite drawer/illustrator based in Sydney, having graduated with a BFA Degree majoring in Drawing from College of Fine Arts UNSW 2013. Then progressed to a MA Masters from Lasalle College of Fine Arts Singapore 2015.

Her work is drawn from nature, she utilises references from natural forms; marine corals, polyps, animals and plants as well as scientific and illustrative botany/biology. 



Jameen is one half of the design duo behind the femme brand Dyspnea. These drawings embody the no fucks given policy and releasing your inhibitions. Instagram has ruined the standard of beauty for us and this is a gentle reminder that everything is accepted. 

“Two Up” 60x90cm colour reduction linocut $900.jpeg


Gemma King’s work is an exploration into the world around her, using multiple disciplines to properly manifest each idea or thought. King’s work is mainly comprised of bold figurative compositions that comment and reflect on the world around her and her life so far via the warped glass and fickle nature of memory.

Her disciplines include Lino-cuts, Etchings, Lithographs, Carved wooden Sculpture, Mural Paintings and Charcoal drawings.. Through the mode of storytelling and by avoiding illustration or symbols or any abstract sentiments King aims to retreat into the joys of traditional narrative art. There is always a dark and ambiguous sense of something having just happened, an aftermath that the viewer is denied.